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Frequently Asked Questions

Client's FAQ

How can FitForm benefit me as a customer?

As a customer you have the benefit of a personal profile which you can update with your health, personal and billing information. FitForm is a platform that is intended to be a marketplace for any and all of your health needs. As a free member, you can shop any and all local and online services and products, manage your profile, and see promotional (free) videos. All Access VIPs receive an up graded profile featuring: access to discount rates on any service offered by the merchant, Access to premium video content, Rewards credit of $5 for every $100 you spend as an All Access Member. Rewards can be spent on anything FitForm has to offer.

What is my health and liability waiver and why is it important?

As one of FitForm’s premier features, your profile has a digital health and liability waiver which will be sent to any merchant who requires a liability waiver (gyms, spas, trainers etc). Anytime you sign up for an appointment or service on FitForm, your client file is sent to that merchant to keep for their own records and both your’s and their protection.

What are the benefits to being an “All Access” or “All Access VIP” member?

All Access members receive access to discounts offered by the FitForm merchants. Merchants on FitForm set a specific price point for all products and services, however, merchants wishing to gain more customers may offer a discount of 20-50+% as an enticement to all access members to purchase that product or service package. All Access members will also receive $20 in FitForm credits to be used on Services only upon account initiation. All Access VIP members receive the added benefits of Access to Prime Videos (Full Length workout and instructional videos posted by the merchants to FitForm, follow your favorite health professionals!) and will receive a $5 credit for every $100 spent on the platform. VIP credits are good for Any Product or Service -free members receive a profile complete with health and liability form, access to reviews, access to all services, access to free videos.

What if I purchase a service or a product and I don’t like it?

Purchasing a service and not receiving a satisfactory experience is an issue taken seriously at FitForm. As a courtesy you have 24 hours to report any issue with your service to FitForm to receive a full refund. All customer members have the option to write up a review of the service or product they purchased. Reviews are public to all customer members and poor reviews are taken into account by FitForm and the merchant could be audited for quality assurance purposes. Products purchased on FitForm are subject to the specific merchant’s return policy, all shipping is also handled by the merchant, FitForm does not assume responsibility for any merchant.

How do I book a class or an appointment?

Simple! Once you find the class or appointment you desire, click on the “book now” button and the merchant will receive a notification of your appointment ti e as well as your client file and contact information.

What if I have to cancel?

FitForm requires a 24 hour cancellation policy. Your “booked appointments” can be viewed in your profile and cancelled at any time. To receive a refund you must cancel, for example, by 11:59am on Tuesday for a 12pm appointment on Wednesday. However merchants have the ability to reverse the charge after the 24 hour period if their policy allows, but you must contact them to request the refund. No matter the time of the cancellation, the merchant will receive a notification of the cancellation so there is no need to contact them except for out of courtesy if you wish.

How do I monitor my “Active Memberships and Packages”?

Anytime you purchase a monthly subscription (health club membership) or a package of services (massages) from a merchant, the purchase will show up in your profile allowing you easy access to view your active purchases. If you buy a package of pilates sessions, the package will remain on your account, every time you book a session, one session will be deducted from your package. If you buy a gym membership you can manage the monthly membership through FitForm and cancel it at anytime. Any fees or charges for early cancellation agreed to by the customer will be charged, if outstanding, at point of cancellation.

I don’t need “All Access VIP” membership, but I would like to view the Prime Videos, can I purchase access independently?

Certainly! If you would like to watch a Prime video on FitForm, click on the video you would like to watch. You will be prompted to purchase the “All Access VIP” membership $29.99/month or the “Prime Access” for $14.99/month. Click the “Prime Access” button to subscribe.

How does the Prime Video membership work?

Every month you will receive 20 hours of video download capacity. Click on any and all desired videos and download them to your profile’s Video Dashboard. You have 30 days to watch any and all videos and each video can be viewed as many times as you like in the 30 day period. After 30 days the video will leave your dashboard creating room for another video of the same length (or the same video if you absolutely loved it!). With the video content growing everyday, FitForm is committed to offering the most diverse online workout community on the planet.

I had a great workout and want to share it with my friends.

Awesome! Write a review of the studio or trainer you worked with, post it to FitForm and then link it to your Social Media accounts when you finish the post.

Business's FAQ

I run a gym with multiple trainers, managers and sales consultants. How does your product work for me?

We two options for gyms. Depending on the size of your gym, staff and membership base, your options are between the small and large enterprise options. -Small enterprises can create a Master Schedule for classes and events, and also create access to up to 10 sub-schedules for their trainers. Managers receive special permissions to view sales and reports and trainer schedules. Employees of small enterprise gyms can “clock in” to receive FitForm schedule access so they can fulfill their roles in reception and member customer service. When an employee “clocks out” they no longer receive employment access. -Large Enterprises receive access to unlimited sub-schedules (for gyms with more than 10 trainers employed, or large facilities with other services such as massage, facials, tanning, nails etc). Large Enterprises also feature a Sales Advisor section for sales employees to keep track of sales and goals for each month.

I have quite a following on Social Media. What can FitForm do for me?

The problem with large video platforms is that there are so many videos sort through, unless you train for a specific fitness video franchise, there aren't many options for you to post your content and be guaranteed to make money for all the downloads your content receives. With FitForm you can create your own premium content and post it to the Prime Access video section. Posting prime videos will potentially offer you an additional stream of income to help increase your bottom line. Have your followers join FitForm to watch your content.

How do I view my previous client history?

“Reports” will generate sales or client attendance sheets for your master schedule or sub-schedules (if applicable). You can click on an individual client to view their client file. “Active members” will also hold the client files of anyone who purchases a service from you. I m both an employee of another facility (that does or doesn’t use FitForm), but I also work as an independent contractor for myself. What would I use FitForm for and is that allowed since my employer may already have a profile? Of course you can create your own profile. Our recommendation at FitForm is that you set your independent contractor profile up and post your availability to your profile’s schedule. You can set a recurring schedule or customize it as you go if your employment tends to be irregular. Our goal is to help you grow your personal business and help get you more sign ups with our membership base. If you are just starting out or looking to get more clients we also offer a discount tool so you can offer special discounts to FitForm All Access and VIP members.

How do I set up my current clients on FitForm?

FitForm is easily accessible to anyone. When signing up a new client they will need to first log on to the FitFormApp.com website and fill out a client profile including their health waiver. This is about a 2-3 minute process and only has to happen one time. From there the client can now schedule their appointments and purchase more sessions. The App can be downloaded in the Google or Apple store from there and a client can keep the app on their phone. When a client books an appointment, you will be sent a notification complete with that client’s file and waiver upon their first booking with you on FitForm. If you as the merchant sign a client up for a regular session, that session will remain booked online, but the client will need to confirm the appointment on an alert or on their profile for you to receive their client file.

How to I get paid?

All purchases on your profile will be directed to your FitForm Wallet. You must request a certain or total amount be transferred into your account by 11:59pm Wednesday evening to receive the requested funds Friday. Otherwise the money will stay in your wallet until the next request cycle. Please allow up to 7 days for money to show up in your wallet and in your account after requested transfer.

Are video downloads paid on the same schedule?

No, since the videos are viewable for 30 days, merchants paid for premium video content will receive payment in their FitForm wallet on a monthly basis. You can view your accrued downloads in your “reports” section. That will give you a detailed report of how many people this month have downloaded your videos and how much to expect in revenue that month so far.

How many videos can I post?

Currently there is no limit for the amount of content a merchant can upload. You may post 1-2 minute promotional videos which will not generate any revenue from downloads, or 15/30/45/60 minute coaching videos for workouts or other specialized health service which will. Our current pay rate is $0.05 (5 cents) for every 15 minutes of downloaded content. Videos must be at least 15 minutes long to receive payment. These are meant to be detailed videos for health and fitness professionals. The full criteria for premium video content can be viewed in the Terms and Conditions. Our recommendation is to have as much quality content uploaded as possible to give you and your business the most exposure on FitForm.

What happens if a client cancels less than 24 hours in advance?

FitForm has a 24 hour cancellation policy that you may choose to uphold. If a client late cancels, you will be sent a notification of the cancellation and be given the option to deduct or refund that client’s money at your own discretion. We use the industry standard 24 hour policy, but you may be flexible with certain clients for varying reasons.

What if a client cancels early?

FitForm’s 24 hour cancellation policy allows clients to cancel a session or service more than 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund to their FitForm wallet. Upon an early cancellation, you will be notified of the change and the client receiving a full refund for the service to their wallet or profile.