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Java + Fats = Ultimate Brain Food!

  • January 18, 2018
  • Skyler Burke
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     There has long been a fad in the fitness industry that fats are bad for you... that could not be further from the truth. Fats are WONDERFUL! Say it with me “Healthy Fats IN drive the Bad Fats OUT!” Fats help the brain function and stay balanced keeping the synapses between the nerves firing in a more controlled and orderly fashion, which keeps you focused and mentally clear so you can take on challenges! Did you know that a high fat diet is now recommended to people who suffer from epilepsy? It’s true! People who suffer from epilepsy often report little to no seizure activity after implementing more fats into their diet. Fats also help you regulate your hunger as they are much more energy dense (9 calories per gram as opposed to the 4 calories for both protein and carbs) and provide sustained energy release throughout the day and helping to keep the cravings in the brain at bay.

      Now let’s talk coffee! Specifically Caffeine. Caffeine is a wonderful substance, but not on its own. If you have ever seen the picture on google of the “spider webs on drugs” you’ll see the caffeine spider has the absolute craziest and worst web possible of all the different spider webs presented in the diagram. Caffeine does provide energy, but it also causes the brain to over fire (making you edgy, maybe even shakey). Fats like cream or butter in your coffee will regulate that energy flow though. Giving you the boost in eneregy you desire, but keeping you safe from the shakes and scatter-brained activity. Civilizations have been mixing fats with coffee for thousands of years due to their combined positive effect on the body.

POUR THAT CREAM IN!! Enjoy your morning and tackle the day with sustainable energy!

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