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What it Does

FitForm is a market place for Health and Fitness Professionals and Enterprises to market and sell their services, memberships and products to customers and clients; and a tool for Contractors and Businesses to Schedule, Deliver, Time, and Share the product or customer experience.

FitForm helps those seeking the service or products of the Health and Fitness Industry, potential and returning customers and clients, to locate, purchase and sign up for appointments, classes, services, products and much more.

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FitForm also offers customers the freedom to try new Health and Fitness Professionals and Enterprises with their discount membership options and reward credits; clients can shop for a service and sign up for it, once the service is completed the client can review the service and ultimately decide to sign up for it again or try another contractor/business. The choice is the client's protection and freedom. Clients are able to keep their health information documented on their profiles and they can update it at anytime.

The client profiles manage client memberships, purchased packages/products, schedule, workout history, and allows them search for new offers in the FitForm Marketplace.

FitForm is designed to streamline the client's and professional's experience of Health and Fitness, creating opportunity for clients to experience new Health and Fitness Services and Products and creating growth and opportunity for both New and Established Health and Fitness Professionals and Enterprises.

How FitForm transformed my own Personal Training Business

FitForm was designed from the start to streamline my business as a trainer. As an independent Personal Trainer I had to deal with all of my own paperwork and client files and manage my own schedule and keep workouts and use apps and other training tools to keep my business running. If a client cancelled I was sending out text messages to other clients offering them the open appointment. I had to manage how many sessions clients had left and sometimes discrepancies came up that had to be handled. Bottom line a lot of things were working against my business as a trainer and I didn't have enough time or organization to keep it all together easily. It required extra hours of administrative work to keep things moving. Time that could be spent with my family or spent meeting new people trying to market myself.

FitForm was the answer to my challenges as a trainer. I decided to create a platform that allowed me to post my schedule and sell my services easily to clients, giving them the opportunity to purchase and sign up for my time.

I wanted to be able to post this to my budding social media pages and have my friends share it with their friends to help me grow my training business. This sharing allows people to click on the link from their social media site and sign up for an appointment on the spot.

FitForm allows the clients to purchase and keep track of their remaining sessions, this supports my revenue and also handles the problem of managing how many sessions a client has remaining.

FitForm allows trainers to set their rates and put up sales to generate interest and new clientele, the "sale" tool ultimately brought me new clients when I needed new business because more people search lower price points and were inclined to give my service a try. Using FitForm has allowed me to keep files on all of my clients including a copy of their health questionnaire, liability waiver, past workouts and their progress and results. It also allowed me to keep track of my revenue as a contractor and market to locals via social media and in-platform leads.

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It substantially increased my revenue while substantially reducing my time spent managing my business. I am now able to spend more time writing quality workout programs and working with new and exceptional clients that come to me from the FitForm Marketplace. It allowed me to be a much better trainer and gave me much of my financial success while helping relive me of many of the challenges I faced as an independent Personal Trainer. Creating a Global Health and Fitness Community and Marketplace with the best interests of both the customers and professionals in mind is the legacy and the pursuit of FitForm.

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